Schutzhund Dogs

Schutzhund dogs are under intense exercise routines. On a constant proving ground, these dogs are put through several tests and training procedures which tear down muscle fiber and strain joints on our dogs. The proper trainer should know the benefits that ALL NATURAL Buff K-9 Dog Vitamin Supplements offer for extreme performance dogs as well as everyday pets.

As schutzhund enthusiasts, we know that after a training session our dogs are fatigued and sore the next day. You can tell by the movements of your dog being slightly slower, the same way humans get sore after an intense workout. Our movements become a bit delayed until the lactic acid clears out of our muscles and we can move more freely, same goes for your dog.

Buff K-9 Supplements produces only all natural vitamins which are strong enough to boost performance for working and show dogs, and gentle enough to support overall health for everyday pets.

Having the right nutrients through proper supplementation means having a dog who is thoroughly nourished and ready to work. Please pay attention to your dog’s needs, dog food by itself will not cut it for these athletic dogs.

Buff K-9 Endurance & Stamina Booster features the following benefits:

Significantly enhances endurance & stamina
Protect the Heart Muscle
Improve Blood Flow and oxygen saturation
Nitric oxide production

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Buff K-9 Original (black label) features the following benefits for schutzhund dogs along with all types of dogs:

Lean muscle building/ weight gain
Performance/ recovery
Health/ wellness
Skin & Coat

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